Kids draw monsters, then artists from all over the world recreate them in their own styles! We hope to help children recognize the power of their own imaginations and to encourage them to pursue their creative potential.

I have the luck to have been selected to be part of this great project and I have redraw Jazlyn drawing:

You can order the book here and the the amazing monsters of the 2021 edition here!

  • Margot Zussy

Doing an Art Trade is making eachother drawings. I have make this exchange two times in 2021, we have both choose a work from the other that we love and redraw it with our own style. Here are the result:

Art Trade With Sebastian Belz

Art Trade With Lyloo

I've participated in many Draw This In Your Style on instagram. It's a challenge when you have to redraw in your own style an existing artwork. It's a great way to have fun and be surprised by the varieties and originalities of the other participant's drawings.

This three have been made in the early 2021: