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Digital art


Concept art

Creature design

I am enthusiastic about working for the entertainment industry, board games, video games, cover art or personal commission as well. Every project varies so I invite you to contact me with more information about what you want. 


To give you an idea about my prices : 

the sketch, Line Drawing or tattoo design are from : 40€ to 70€ 

For a colored creature/character without a complex background : 80€ to 120€ 

For a fully detailed illustration it starts at 150€ and can go higher depending on the complexity of it.

pteroducktyl zussy.jpg
baleine coupé.jpg

Educational illustration

I can make informative drawings for your communication or product. Having visual elements help you grab the attention of your audience. It can help raise the awareness for a specific subject, decorate your kickstarter campaign or enhance your website.

It can be a more serious design or one oriented towards children. 

Above are visuals I made for the Reptilyon salon


My price will depend on the complexity of it,  the number of drawings you want and if it’s for marketing or a personal project.



I can make very detailed watercolor illustrations about any animals, plants or products you want me to represent.

Perfect if you want an original piece to hang in your living room or if you need a delicate illustration for your brand.


My prices start at 50€ and will vary if you want the original piece or the digital version of it. Same apply if you need the licensing. The size of the illustration, the complexity of it and the shipping cost will add at the final price.

watercolor zussy.jpg

Pixel Art 

I can make you a pixel art portrait, if you need an avatar for any of your social media, twitch account or just for fun. You can even ask me to make a series of portraits for your friends or colleagues.

I make them for 20€ each.

Pet's portrait

If you want to have a fun or a cute illustration of your furry, scaly or feathery friend I can make them in many ways.

From photo

Bust Only + soft background : 25€ 

Full body pets + soft background : 35€

Full Body pets + Background of your choice (can be forest, couch, anything) : 45€

In any positions/attitude 

Your pets + any background + costume, magic, fabulousness or anything we can think of to make this portrait memorable : 60€

Beast Portrait

I have a questionnaire of 20 questions, you can answer as many of them as you wish, it goes to your music taste, your most active hour and  favorite hobbies to where you wish you could live. With what you’ll want me to know, I’ll work on your profile and determine what kind of creature I see in you and I will make a very well finished illustration of the result.

I will keep the surprise until the end. 

to give you an example: it can be a 10meter long fire-breathing dog, a flying panther or a cute snowy otter. 


I haven’t launched the real project yet but if you want to be among the first one to make this you can !  It's an unique price : 145€ 

 I’ll offer a 50% discount for the first 3 who make it, and 15% to the next 3 after that.

pixel art.jpg
Falkor coupé.jpg

Free reviews of your works

if you want me to give you an honest point of view and give you tips on what to improved on your works, feel free to contact me for a discord or zoom session. 
I would be glad to help you with your artistics struggle. 

Sometimes, all we need is a little push, don't be shy to seek help if you turn around. Learning art is difficult enough !

rabbit coupé.jpg

If you are an association, I can make an exception about the price, we will have to discuss it.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you want more information at or with the contact section. Thank you !

Zussy Margot - Griffin Cockatiel

Comission still open

Update : 

01 Janurary 2020

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