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Process and Experimentation

Here you can see some of my process of making llustrations.

Most of the times we only see the finish and clean drawing, but behind them all there is a quantity of interrogations, attent , doubt and solutions. 

In the majority of my digital painting I had a specific things that i want to work on. may it be the perspective, motion, details, atmosphers, anatomy or more.
Having this goal help me see things differently. Even my bad works are usefull, they all help me improved. I love experimenting, sometimes things work, sometimes not. I try to always put me in difficulties, on what I lack of. Some drawing here have been real battle ! Some others just a little walk until their end. 

Orion - 2020

I keep pretty much my first quick sketch creature until the end. I had a pretty precise athmospeher in head that I want to transcribe. I want this beast to blend with the background. My main difficulty was to understand how his weird anatomy could work.
I put a lot of attention into the differents texture.

The Whale House- 2020

My first building in digital art. It scared me a little bit a the begining but the perspective grid really had help me construct my house. 
You can see that I like trying some colors before going further.

The lightning has been the most hardest part to do. The numbers of details made this drawing very fun to make even if it took me too many hours to finish.

Running Rabbit - 2020

This one was one of my illustrations where I had the most struggles. I should have made a stronger drawing in the begining but often I start putting colors too soon because I love it. You can see that I I redraw that damn rabbit too many times. I try hard to work on the motion and perspective.  Sometimes we need to take a step back to finally finding what's works ! 

Rabbit run steps.gif

Gecko's Parasite - 2020

What's fun is that I had start a little drawing but 

My main goal was to work on the transparancy and the texture, almost gummy-slimy of the lizard.

It's an experimentation of texture and colors. 

The Sphynx Cat - 2019

I had the envy of studying this weirdly majestic creature that is the sphynx cat. In the two first panel you can see studies I made of photos, I was traying to see the volume and their line. Exagerating special parts. Studying how the skin works. I had then made few ideas of sphynx bases creatures to finally liking the ideas of many-ears cat. 

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